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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! O Holy Night Using T-Pain App

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What does this blog post have to do with personal finance and entrepreneurship?  Absolutely nothing! Just wanted to take a quick break before I go on holiday vacation break to sing you “O Holy Night!” with my newly downloaded T-Pain app on my iPhone 4s.  (Which I’m loving by the way!) I’m not one for... Read more »

#1 Investment You Can Make In Any Season

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What is one of the most profound things you can do before you decide to invest your hard earned money and precious time in anything?  There are no shortcuts to success.  There is no fast path to getting what you want without regret and heartache along the way. The biggest thing you can do is... Read more »

Don't Run Your Personal Finances Like the Government

Are you looking for a great model to follow when planning your personal finances and household budget?  Well, don’t follow your favorite uncle and cousin.  The US Government AND “cousin” Illinois are terrible at leading the way with how their own financial affairs are managed. While sitting in St. Maarten this past week uploading photos,... Read more »

How to Make Sure You are Financially Healthy

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After all the holiday festivities going on, especially all the EATING during this season, I was joking with friends about keeping a healthy balance with diet and exercise so they don’t have “get back in shape” topping another list New Year’s resolutions. Then someone had to ask a question about being “Money Smart” in their... Read more »