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How a Debt Crisis Affects Your Retirement

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Have you wondered how the government’s poor stewardship of our taxes may affect your future income and financial stability in retirement?  What about the European debt crisis affecting us here in the United States? As if times today weren’t hard enough, this issue affects both young, old and everyone in between.  All need to be... Read more »

Matt Sapaula Experiences Zumba After Financial Segment

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At a recent TV appearance providing tips to viewers of WGN’s Morning News, I happened to catch the next segment that had much more fun! Please don’t judge my Zumba moves yet, but the music playing in the background caught my attention and I just HAD to participate!. I was reminded that in the pursuit... Read more »

Happy 236th Marine Corps Birthday: These Colors Never Run

Since graduating high school and enlisting in our beloved United States Marine Corps with fellow high school football stud, Nathan Szubert, I’ve celebrated this birthday more than my own. Reasons why?  No clue. The birth of the Marine Corps was on November 10, 1775 in Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, PA.  As many Marines, both past and... Read more »

Protect Your Paycheck

One of the first things I learned as a newby in financial planning is  addressing risk.  Throughout our lives, we have grandiose plans of starting a business, investing to create a large portfolio, buying a home or simply (or not!)  getting married and starting a family. For example, in season one of MSN Money’s personal... Read more »