Retiring Overseas - More to Just Stretching Your Dollar

Many  Americans are considering retiring outside the United States. The Social Security Administration has reported that the number of retired Americans receiving benefits overseas has soared 32% since 2002.

After all, even with a weak economy, the American dollar can stretch much further in a foreign land coupled with an extravagant lifestyle that can cost far less in certain overseas locations.  Even as a Corporal serving in the Marines back in 1994, I distinctly recall spending a ridiculous week of liberty in the Philippines buying food and drinks for an entourage of friends and family.  I ended up spending only $350…after living like a king!

Here are the questions posed during this segment:

1. What is the “Money Smart” way of getting ready for that overseas retirement, especially if our kababayans (Filipino countrymen) are planning to retire in the Philippines?

2. For everyday Kababayans, who are not that financially savvy, what would be the safest investment to get into especially when planning to retire outside the United States?

3. From Gwen in New Jersey, ” Matt, if I go to the Philippines, what investment is good for the seniors that you could offer and advice to us? Thank You.”

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