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What's Your Financial Backup Plan?

Saturday, May 21st came and went.  Sorry Mr. Camping, but we’re still here – another reprieve for the world, a disappointment for a small few.  So what happens now?  It has to be acknowledged that the human psyche will unfailingly attach emotions to an event or their goals with no thought for a Plan B.... Read more »

Financial Survival and a Doomsday Theory

We all have irrational fears that are our guilty pleasure.  Some fear ghosts and others fear aliens – I happen to get my kicks out of doomsday scenarios and how to survive apocalyptic events.  So when I find myself insomniac at 2 AM on a Tuesday morning, I might as well put my inability to... Read more »

Corporate Exodus, Higher Taxes, Job Loss, and You

  Governor Quinn scrambling to keep Sears, a company whose humble beginnings started right here in the Chicago area, from leaving Illinois.  Sears employs about 6,000 people in Chicago and is based in Hoffman Estates.  Incidentally, my mother worked as an analyst at the Sears Tower (sorry, Mr. Willis) for over 18 years before she was laid off in... Read more »

Mother's Day, Baby Boomers & What it Means for Us Today

In honor of Mom (and Dad too), read along with me about life in 20 years.   It’s a crisp winter morning in Chicago.  Your wife is just getting home from working at the all night diner a few miles away and now it’s her turn to watch the kids and get them ready for... Read more »