Life After Bankruptcy: The Invested Life Season 2 Episode 1

This is the first blog following the reality show, The Invested Life on MSNBC and sponsored by TD Ameritrade, where Financial Coach Matt Sapaula is taking Tom Stanley, a prominent real estate investor, from financial disaster to recovery.

In this episode, we meet Tom Stanley, who, as a real estate investor/developer has seen his share of ups and downs, first suffering from losses in the market during the tech boom to a more recent setback with the housing market – culminating in the loss of half a million in assets and forcing him to bankruptcy.

Watch the episode below…

Tom personifies many investors in the market today. The economy’s unpredictable swings have taken a toll on our most treasured assets, forcing us to dip into and eventually depleting savings that should have been reserved for college or retirement.

As a real estate professional in the mortgage industry, I can sympathize with Tom, to the point of identifying with his mistake of having become ‘house rich and money poor.’ Or for those of you who are self-employed or entrepreneurs, how many have put your business before your savings?

If you lost half a million in one day, would you have the courage to get back into the game?

Tom committed himself to bouncing back, but he knew he needed help. Matt Sapaula had made it a mission to educate others on the finer points of personal financing, dispelling the myths and confusion that permeate the media today. For every one piece of advice to invest in one particular investment, I can find two others who tell you otherwise.

Through this economic rollercoaster, some have lost and some have gained. My reason for aligning myself under Matt’s tutelage was because none of his clients have lost a dollar. In the following episodes, we’ll examine how Matt brings Tom back from the precipice and back to recovery.

Best success to you all!

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