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Taking Stock - My Personal Financial Awakening

I absolutely love birthdays, New Year’s, and Easter.  These days represent more than a holiday, but an opportunity to reflect on your life and ask some meaningful questions.  Aside from celebrating Easter this past weekend, this week represents a month long reflection of my turning a year shy of 40.  On these occasions, I always... Read more »

Finding A Positive Peer group

Finding A Positive Peer group
We all know the effects of peer pressure.  Having to learn social dynamics on the playground was a rite of passage in my neighborhood.  What we learned then, in our hubris as adults, convinced ourselves that peer pressure no longer works on us. Wrong.   Paual Lazarsfeld is a sociologist from Columbia University.  He identified... Read more »

Banks Vs. Insurance Companies: What are the differences?

This past April 8th, the latest bank to fail in our local area was Western Springs National Bank and Trust.  Western Springs had assets totaling $186 million with total deposits at $181 million.  Although the FDIC arranged a purchase and assumption agreement with Heartland Ban and Trust in Bloomington to protect the deposits, this closure... Read more »

Government Credit Rating In Jeopardy

Yesterday, in an uprecedented use of Standard & Poor’s outlook on America’s fiscal health, degraded our government’s overall fiscal health from ‘stable’ to negative, suggesting that failure to address the federal deficit could severely and detrimentally impact the government’s credit rating.  Much like ignoring health symptomps indicating a cancerous anomaly, the ramifications of losing a triple-A... Read more »

Life After Bankruptcy: The Invested Life Season 2 Episode 1

This is the first blog following the reality show, The Invested Life on MSNBC and sponsored by TD Ameritrade, where Financial Coach Matt Sapaula is taking Tom Stanley, a prominent real estate investor, from financial disaster to recovery. In this episode, we meet Tom Stanley, who, as a real estate investor/developer has seen his share... Read more »

Learning from Financial Coach Matt Sapaula, the MoneySmart Guy

These past few weeks have been for me much like someone parched of thirst attempting to drink from a firehose.  I’ve been blessed by the mentorship of a very old friend of mine, Matt Sapaula, with whom my personal friendship goes back to junior high.  Aside from sharing the same Filipino-American culture, we mirrored each... Read more »

Money Smart Week Financial Expert Panel Notes: Financial Focus 2011

What should an investor be most focused on in their current financial decision making?  Earlier last week, I promised you my notes from a financial expert panel discussion held during the Money Smart Week Preview Party 2011 at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. They panel was chocked full of “intellectual-financial-martial-arts” from these experts surrounding the... Read more »

Government Shutdown: Uncle Sam Needs a Car Title Loan and a Co-Signer

Have you heard the the saying, “I’ve got more month than I have money?”  Don’t you hate being in the position of bills stacking up, creditors calling asking you the same question a week ago with you answer, “I didn’t have money then and I still don’t have money now!  I’ll get to it!” CLICK.... Read more »

Money Smart Week 2011 KICKOFF! 500+ FREE personal finance classes offered

And yes, that Jesse De Guzman, head sushi chef and one of the 2011 Chicago Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" of Chicago!  Yup, he's Filipino.
Have you struggled in the area of personal finance and managing your money?  Have you been financially frustrated and confused about important decisions about investments, renting versus owning your home, helping send your kids to college or how to get out of debt, to name a few? Money Smart Week Chicago has officially begun, April... Read more »