Money Smart Tips for Young Professionals, College Grads and Beginning Investors [VLOG]

Money Smart Tips for Young Professionals, College Grads and Beginning Investors [VLOG]

Have you gotten confused into what your options are in handling your personal finances?  Should you payoff debt and credit cards before you start investing?  What type of investing and savings habit should you begin?

I so thankful for your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter pages…I’m listening to what financial tips or ideas you want more of. Just several big shout outs (more to come through future posts) to JoVonna, Lana, Justice, Marika, Veronica, Adryenn who have really inspired this post through our social media dialogue during the week!

Some of the questions I asked my friends, Scott Reynolds and Emron Andrew with mentor, Douglas Andrew while in Maui are:

What has been the problem with people attempting to begin and how can they choose the right investments?

Do you think people made a mistake by going heavy (or ALL-IN for your poker folks) in the stock market and real estate investing?

What advice or financial guidance can you give to a new college graduate or young professional who is just beginning their career?

Do you pay off debt before you begin investing?

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FYI – in case you want to learn more in how I help a young professional from start to finish, take a peek into how I do just that in season 1 of MSN Money’s “The Invested Life”.  I apply my skills as a financial coach to help Tom Forde, an international opera singer, who wants to get started in making his money work for him!


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  • Great post Matt. That is something that I am going to have to work on continuously is to pay myself first before anything else. That has been one of the biggest things that I always forget. I am going to have to purchase that book.

  • In reply to Justicewordlaw:

    No problem Justice! This is what happens when you ASK...I'll bring it bruh! And yes, paying your first is soooo important. I spent the first 10 years of my life in the Marines to look back and have nothing financially to show for it. Glad that you're much smarter than me than I was back then!

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