Mortgage Refinancing: In Rahm Emanuel We Need Not Entrust [VLOG]

Mortgage Refinancing: In Rahm Emanuel We Need Not Entrust [VLOG]

Ok, ok…congrats Rahm Emanuel for winning the Chicago mayoral election!  Nothing personal, but the economy of my own home and strategy to financial independence does not rely upon whether you raise taxes or facilitate making Chicago the greatest business city in America (although I think it already is).

I sat down with friends of mine in another state just as broke as Illinois…sunny southern California.  I had a discussion with Dave Savage and Ron Quintero, veterans in the real estate/mortgage industry and co-founders of the Real Estate Radio Network, who continue to thrive in this tough economy.  Here’s the video from our conversation..

As I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter what happens in the White House
or within Chicago’s City Hall…it is the decisions we make at our
kitchen table making important financial decisions.  One of those
decisions, which may the biggest impact in our larger financial picture,
is managing our mortgage and whether building up equity in our
property is the smartest thing to do in a changing, shifting economy.  

Here are the questions and ideas that came up.  I hope this helps you in your experience as a homeowner and real estate investor as it relates to becoming debt-free and financially independent.

What are two big mistakes that eventually cost homeowners more money?

How can homeowners fix this (above question)?

Should you work with a loan officer or a mortgage planner?

What are two questions you can ask that will help you get debt-free and increase your monthly cash flow?

How can rethinking debt, help you?

Lastly, if you would like the customized mortgage report shown in this video, I will FWD your request to a local mortgage professional that is licensed to help you with this report.  The rest will be up to you…but you at least have the DATA in your hands!

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Disclaimer: I am not a solicitor or gain financially from you obtaining a Mortgage Coach report …just pure, free information and a resource I am excited to make known for readers of the Money Smart Guy blog!

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