Hitting a High Note - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 5

Hitting a High Note - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 5

Tom agrees to protect the income generating resource he has, which is his ability to sing.  How?  He is looking into voice and/or disability insurance to provide him the cash he needs in case he cannot step on stage to perform for an extended period of time.  This way he doesn’t have to dip into his other savings and investments for these emergencies.  Using Skype to catch up with him, Tom decides to invite me down to Santa Fe and experience his world as an opera singer…this should be interesting…

As I get there, not only was I impressed by Tom’s singing ability, I didn’t realize what a cultural and art-centric city Santa Fe, NM really is.  Plus, this webisode really shares a great scene about Tom talking Roth IRAs, budgeting and investing with his colleague at the Santa Fe Opera House.  I’m glad it stirred some greater thoughts about handling his money which he later brings up to me during a financial coaching conversation.

I have a chance to further
illustrate a working metaphor about growing his money through smart investing as I get a chance to share a few ideas at
a local art gallery.  Since I’m a visual learner as well, it is easier for me to involve Tom in a teaching moment as we think through some of the financial barriers he may face using artwork as an example.

I want Tom to know how investing in art is much like investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds and annuities. Tom realizes he
must be in the “know” for his own financial future and constantly grow more “Money Smart”!

Stay tuned to the next webisode as Tom
commits to making some key financial changes and decisions before leaving Santa Fe, NM for an overseas tour in Switzerland. 

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