Semper Fi Leathernecks - Happy 235th Marine Corps Birthday!

During my senior year at Morton West High School in the Berwyn/Cicero area, I hadn’t decided what to do after graduation until halfway through the basketball season.  I took a breath, grabbed a pen and asked my mom to allow me to enlist in the United States Marine Corp!  After spending eight years on active duty and two years in the Illinois National Guard, this time of year to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday, ALWAYS brings up tons of nostalgia for me.  It brings up… 

…a spirit of thankfulness, appreciation and value to my life, family, career and community.  Would I ever trade in those years coming out of high school to go into college?  Never.  But I can say, I didn’t have college as a confident option, nor did I have aspirations of going to college.

Looking at where I am now, I did utilize my GI Bill benefits to attend DePaul University’s Financial Planning program in 2000. Ten years later, through the growth of my career and financial coaching practice, I also have been recently hired as an instructor of personal finance to DePaul’s Professional Continuing Education Department.  Funny how life works out, eh?

I thank God for the values, discipline and courage the United States Marine Corps has instilled in me.  Here I am, eight years removed from having to wear a uniform, but the Marine Corps logo – an Eagle, Globe and Anchor – is burned deep in my spirit.

A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to all my brothers and sisters who carry on the legacy, spirit and tradition of our Corps.  The world is a much safer place, knowing that Marines continue to be a force in readiness and sit on the tip of the spear. 

OOORAAAAH!! Semper Fi, Devil Dawgs!!

And Happy early Veterans Day!!

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