Missed Black Friday? Let's Talk Cyber Monday Deals 2010 on Fox Radio Tour

Missed Black Friday? Let's Talk Cyber Monday Deals 2010 on Fox Radio Tour

UPDATE!  Here’s a clip from the Bruce Kelly Show in Fargo, ND on the Fox News Radio Network:

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Today begins, Cyber Week and if you are like me, welcome my Cyber Monday 2010
as my online Black Friday.  Standing, shivering in line enduring 30
degree temperature levels at 3am after stuffing myself with turkey,
sweet potatoes, cranberry and lumpia (yes, lumpia!) was not my idea of
getting a jump start on Christmas shopping.

Plus, crowds and I do not
get along.  Granted, I missed some killer in-store deals but as I was
watching the beginning of yesterday’s Eagles vs. Bears game at Best Buy,
there were plenty discounts in the midst.  (I’m going back for my 46″ Samsung LED LCD TV for $799!!)

News Radio will be touring me across the country today helping spread
retailer deep-discount cheer.  There will be one-day specials on Cyber
Monday and there will be week-long specials called Cyber Week deals.

If you are on Twitter, search and follow these handles:


as I am write this late on a Sunday evening, I’m already seeing plenty
of “Cyber Monday” deals popping up in my home feed on
 Personally, I prefer this way of shopping as I save time, gas and can
hone towards buying customized gifts for those on my list.  The time I
would take to walk and drive from store-to-store I can readily use to
do Google searches, at least for the gifts I plan to buy.

retailers are offering free shipping as well, cutting down on the wear
and tear on your vehicle.  My friend Shaun was telling me how road rage
was starting to rise up within him as he couldn’t leave the shopping
mall parking lot to get home due to conjestion.

closely recall, within the last 5-8 years, where many consumers felt
caution in buying anything online.  How times have changed!  If you
still feel this way, using a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard to purchase
your gifts online can help create that “firewall” of online protection
you need.  You can keep your personal credit card tucked in your wallet
AND peace of mind knowing you are staying on budget while not carrying
forward into 2011 any shopping debt that may take months to payoff.

post a podcast here later on from one of the national Fox Radio tour appearances set up by my amazing PR team led by Mark Goldman
Goldman & McCormick PR.  In the meantime…”Get Your Hustle On for Cyber Monday 2010!!

Here are the stations across the Fox News Radio Network in which we talked about online shopping security, Black Friday mishaps, Obama Chia Pet stocking stuffers and more…what a blast! 

WHAS Louisville, KY

WTAQ Green Bay, WI

WECK Buffalo, NY

WGST Atlanta, GA

WZFG Fargo, ND

WERC Birmingham, AL

WOOD Grand Rapids, MI

WRPW Normal, IL

WSYR Syracuse, NY

WOAI San Antonio, TX

KOGO San Diego, CA

KCOL Fort Collins, CO

and lastly… KHVH Honolulu, HI <—Mahalo to all these entertaining morning show hosts on the Fox Radio Network!

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