Meet Tom Forde: My Client for Season One of The Invested Life

Meet Tom Forde: My Client for Season One of The Invested Life

Can you really make a living, singing? Well, Tom Forde is doing just that as he begins a fifteen month journey from Chicago, to Santa Fe, then overseas to Zurich, Switzerland as an opera singer. In
addition to being 27 years old, he does have a different career path
and financial income scenario as compared to his parents. Tom’s folks
have worked steady jobs with predictable income every two weeks and
established pensions for their retirement while loyally working for
their employers over decades.

Managing a budget while planing out his savings and investments without overspending is on the top of his mind.  Glad to see such a young guy wanting to take control of his money!

Tom is looking for a financial coach that can help him achieve financial stability while still enjoying his unique, transient lifestyle….that’s where I come in. 

I’m looking forward to getting to know Tom and coaching him up.  I’m excited to get to know his personal feelings and upbringing about how has dealt with money situations in the past and how I may guide him towards making Money Smart decisions.

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