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The vaccine debate: Are you a passionate advocate or an unintentional jerk?

I’d like to wax philosophical about why people do and say things that, despite their best intentions, unintentionally result in making them sound more like passionate jerks instead of passionate advocates. Am I describing you? I AM describing myself. Want to wax with me, Jerk? I’d love it if you would and I’d love it... Read more »

Agree to Disagree - even if you'd rather punch the person in the throat

My mother turns 70 today. YES! Yes, yes, yes! I love that I am lucky enough to still have a parent living. And this idea makes me say, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – there is just no WAY- my mom can be 70! If she is 70, how can I still be in my 20’s with my whole... Read more »