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No Child Left Behind

I want my kids to know things. All the things! I don’t want them to be left behind! No child left behind must include my beloved loin fruit and the only way I will know if they are indeed ahead and not behind, is to ask them. I have to pay attention! I am constantly... Read more »

Quality time, Soft Kitty, Jesus and Whores

Quality time, Soft Kitty, Jesus and Whores
I’m pretty sure that hanging out with Mom isn’t on my son’s top 10 list of fun ways to spend the afternoon, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to get one to one time with him. I do try to make the time  we spend together enjoyable enough so that it’s NOT on his... Read more »

Birthday Bucket List

Today is my birthday and I want more. More birthdays, that is. MORE. And I want the days in-between those birthdays to have more of the rad, super lucky and precious moments of personal connection I’ve had with the ones I love over this past year like: Eating a piece of dark chocolate and looking... Read more »