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World's Greatest Mom

My daughter was hungry. Wait, no, she wasn’t just hungry – she was HANGRY! Hungry + Angry = Hangry. Know what I’m saying? An already irritable kid, stressed out from cooperating and behaving and waiting just a little longer to get home for lunch or dinner is a ticking time bomb. Tick, tick, tick….KABOOM! “I’M... Read more »

Raising an American Girl

Raising an American Girl
This is my daughter. Holy shit what a big bag, right? Well, I didn’t pay the tab for the contents of that thing! My mother. I love her in a blind, stupid, overwhelming worship-y way. My mother-in-law. I love her too. And I respect her for her strength and tenacity and single-minded focus. However, it... Read more »

Wanted: Kazoo killer

My kids are smarter than me. Maybe I’ve been around longer and know more stuff about stuff, but they have the advantage of being adorable enough to distract me from the reality that they are basically diabolical and always a minimum of ten steps ahead of me when it comes to EVERYDAMNTHING. And there comes... Read more »