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Religion is the enemy of sex, but thankfully sex is winning

Religion is the enemy of sex, but thankfully sex is winning
In the history of sex, the worst thing to happen to sex and sexuality has got to be the inception or organized religion. You might want to argue that sexually transmitted diseases are way worse, and you might be right, because festering sores on genitals, insanity and death are pretty fucking horrid, so let me... Read more »

Clitoris: A feel good story about a touchy subject

At the Knepper house, we speak freely about any and all topics. I am well aware that this is not the case with all families and particularly some of the families of my children’s friends. That is why I always tell my children that certain conversations need to be kept private. At least until they... Read more »

Let's talk about SEX

DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? Good, thought so. It’s a cheap trick really, using the word SEX the headline for this blog post, but I don’t care. SEX IS IMPORTANT. Talking to kids about sex is as important as talking to them about good nutrition, safety or why the sooner they learn that the worst,... Read more »

Talking with boys about sex and masturbation: Keep calm and spank on!

A friend of mine witnessed her 12-year old son in the throes of masturbation. The little fella, obviously new to the experience was strugglin’ with the tuggin’. He also didn’t realize that slapping the salami is something that should be done in private, because he left his bedroom door wide open! And that is why... Read more »

Talking about boobs and babies with eight year old girls

  What’s wrong with this picture?   If you think it’s the poster of Selena Gomez on the door, you are wrong. That little minx is a triple threat with a bright future and a long career ahead of her. There are worse images to have to endure on a daily basis around my house.... Read more »

Santa and sexy do NOT mix

Suspended disbelief and prolonged innocence. Those are the two things I’m working hard to provide for my daughter. She knows what she needs to know, I mean the stuff that an eight year old who is on the immature side should know. Safety, blah, strangers, good and bad touch, don’t play with matches or take... Read more »

Gaying up your day with the God particle

I do not enjoy arguing. I don’t. But I’ll argue my face off if I’m in the presence of a person using quotes from The Bible to support the argument that gays don’t have the right to marry or that homosexuality is a horrible sin and that God hates “fags.” I HATE even being in... Read more »

How gay Clay paved the way one day

Many years ago a girl from my church told me that my love of celebrity smut was setting a bad example for my children due to the materialistic and gay loving values in Hollywood. I thanked her homophobic self for the unsolicited advice and carried right on subscribing to People magazine (and I no longer... Read more »