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God doesn't care if you f*&king swear

From what I can tell, there’s nothing in the Bible that says swearing will make God hate your guts and damn you to an eternity in hell. Aside from using the Lord’s name in vain, which is a specific no-no if you are a ten commandments follower, there is no indication whatsoever that God, Jesus,... Read more »

Morons and coffee

If I didn’t need to read books and journals about self-improvement for professional reasons, I wouldn’t. Yuck. Much like books on parenting or relationships, self-help books are often long, boring and not likely to be read unless one is in a desperate situation or looking for something SUPER specific. I’ve slogged through some absolute CRAP... Read more »

Scary and sweary mommies

With each of my children, there have been few separate incidents over the years where I lost complete control of myself and screamed at them. SCREAMED!  Each time was ugliness Maximus. I didn’t recognize myself in the screechy person, foaming at the mouth and barking like a rabid dog. But each time I lost my... Read more »

Mamacon Seattle 2012 - The place to twitch and bitch

There are a few things that I often hear women say that make me twitchy. The first one is this: “I love your children like I love my own!” BULLSHIT YOU DO! You don’t love MY kids as much as you love YOUR kids. Maybe you think you do, or you think it makes you... Read more »