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Looking for a kernel of corn? Let Hyperbole and a Half help!

This post is really fucking long. But it will be worth it. Because anything that includes some Hyperbole and a Half is always worth it. In the winter of 2000, an odd little, leprechaun-esque psychologist asked me a question that set off a chain of thoughts and feelings that led me to the darkest place... Read more »

Weaning kids - There is a wrong way

One of the most glorious sounds in the world is the piercing cry of a newborn baby. Everyone in the room sighs and delights. It never gets old, you know, witnessing a miracle. And then another magnificent sound is the silence. After the baby has been cleaned up, swaddled, and fed, they are just a... Read more »

You win some, you lose some

This is me this morning. I has a big saaaaaaaaad face to go with the glob of toothpaste on my chin (that is not doing anything to help dry up the PILES of acne clusters popping up all around my wrinkly face). Sad? Yes. Sad. I. have. failed. Muchos sickos has been the theme here... Read more »

Good Housekeeping gets it right: A seal of approval from a gal who knows she's good enough

Oh Missy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Missy! HEY MISSY! I don’t know if Melissa McCarthy likes to be called Missy, but when I talk or sing about her, that’s what I call her. And I sing that song about her every time I see her on the boob... Read more »

Moms who drink and swear is ready to FLY

Tweet Tweet! This baby bird is leaving the nest. I have loved being on Chicago Now, but I will soon be leaving this host site. I’ve grown as a writer during my time here and I have made some REAL friends. Not pretend friends who live in my computer that would delete me from their... Read more »