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Let's be buddies, Motherf*ckers!

Unless you have a problem with comprehension, are not a regular reader, or a new reader of my blog, or are just un-observant to the n’th degree, you know that I have toyed with leaving ChicagoNow a couple of times. Why am I still here? Because ChicagoNow is where my buddies are! (I realize that... Read more »

If the Internet offends you, then why the hell don't you stay the f*&k off the Internet?

I feel a bit guilty that I truly enjoy watching people go ape-shittical and over-react to perceived injustices. I feel a bit guilty that I sometimes post something on my Facebook page that I know will draw out the lunatics. Fuck it. I’m lying! I have NO guilt! It fascinates me. Internet outrage is amusing.... Read more »

A Spoonful of Hyperbole helps the guilt go away

The photo below is proof that I should try harder to accept the reality that I can no longer go without wearing an over the shoulder boulder holder when I go out in public. It’s a good thing my chubby tummy made a nice shelf for my boobies, because it was raining and I wasn’t... Read more »