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It's okay that my kid's friend's parents aren't my friends

My kids have some funny friends. I love having them here and I love when they take the time to have a little chit chat with me. We have so many weird little conversations on the fly! Such great kids. All of ’em. I know my kid’s friend’s parents. All of them! We are friendly,... Read more »

Defending moms who drink (and swear)

Leslie Garrett’s article on Salon (read by clicking HERE) makes some great points. The jokes mothers make about drinking because their kids cry or drinking to numb their anxieties and frustrations about parenting most likely conceal something serious in many cases. Not all, but when it is ever the case that one opinion or observation... Read more »

The five things I do not want for Mother's Day

Kids hate making this crap at school and I don't know any moms that enjoy receiving these paper fibs on Mother's Day. LIES! Chore coupons? At our house, no kid has the option of choosing what chores they will do. A vestigial tail would be of greater use to me than these coupons, although if there wasn't a square of toilet paper to spare in the entire house, I suppose these could come in handy if kept in the shitter with the smutty rags and Sudoko puzzle books.
My father in law (may he be resting in perfect peace) used to say that he enjoyed giving me gifts because I was so easy to please and always so grateful. It’s true. I don’t want or need much and I’m perfectly content with the things that I have.  I’m not into clothes, shoes or... Read more »

I feel bad about the trees

I feel terrible about the trees. Well, maybe terrible isn’t the right word here. I feel bad. Yeah, that’s really a better description of how I feel about the pretty trees. There really is no need for hyperbole or drama, as I’m not writing a script for an action movie or a political speech. The... Read more »

Depression - S*&t that everyone should know

Trust me, I am a professional. I really am. Go ahead and look it up, I’ll wait. The vast amount of incorrect information, half truths, and overall crap that is available for our reading pleasure overwhelms me. I’m sure you feel the same sometimes. I ignore everything about the Kardashians because I’m not interested in... Read more »

How NOT to be a lame-wad

See that photo? See it? Do you? BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING AWESOME and so is the blog post, read it. You’ll love it! My friend Tara, a fellow blogger here at Chicagonow posted it yesterday with the caption, “Front and center – BOO YA!” I cackled and giggled and clapped my hands. I actually clapped my... Read more »

Moms who drink and swear is ready to FLY

Tweet Tweet! This baby bird is leaving the nest. I have loved being on Chicago Now, but I will soon be leaving this host site. I’ve grown as a writer during my time here and I have made some REAL friends. Not pretend friends who live in my computer that would delete me from their... Read more »