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Welcome to the Good Moms Club

Calling all moms – Specifically those of you who have been campaigning for the position of President of the Bad Moms Club. Good moms can stay and read too, but really is there such thing as a good mom? From what I can see, the whole lot of us suck. First of all, I just... Read more »

Don't slaughter the messenger: Moms (and dad) bloggers discuss having it all

For some people, name dropping is saying things like, “So the other day, me and Beyonce were laughing about….” OR “Oh, so I forgot to tell you that I bumped into Michelle Obama when I was at The White House and….” OR “When I was at Whole Foods the yesterday buying organic lemon grass juice... Read more »

Mommy Blogger? I've been called worse.

Why didn’t you post a blog on Mother’s Day? I received emails and messages asking why I didn’t post on the day of all days for the Mom Blogger. And a few messages apologized for calling me a “Mommy Blogger.” WHAT THE WHAT? I’ve been called a lot of things that I don’t like, but... Read more »