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Mommy Blogger? I've been called worse.

Why didn’t you post a blog on Mother’s Day? I received emails and messages asking why I didn’t post on the day of all days for the Mom Blogger. And a few messages apologized for calling me a “Mommy Blogger.” WHAT THE WHAT? I’ve been called a lot of things that I don’t like, but... Read more »

Civilized Correspondence to the Beloved Moms Who Drink & Swear

Dear Moms who drink and swear (MWDAS), And also the dads that consider themselves MWDAS or grandmas who are active in our group and the people without kids that hang out for laughs and a daily dose of birth control. I removed the earlier version about dads who are in the process of becoming moms... Read more »

Blog fodder today, on the clock tower with a rifle tomorrow? The future of the Mom Blogger's kids.

A friend who also writes a parenting blog asked me if I thought that her writing might someday have a negative effect on her children. GOOD QUESTION. The professional in me probably could have engaged in a philosophical discussion about psychological theory and individual differences of children and blah blah blah. As a mom who... Read more »

Mamacon Seattle 2012 - The place to twitch and bitch

There are a few things that I often hear women say that make me twitchy. The first one is this: “I love your children like I love my own!” BULLSHIT YOU DO! You don’t love MY kids as much as you love YOUR kids. Maybe you think you do, or you think it makes you... Read more »