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Do you need to go on an antidepressant?

When you find yourself at a party where there’s a doctor, do you ask him/her to look at suspicious mole on your shoulder? Do you pick the brains of psychiatrists you meet getting drunk at bars, asking them if they think you are depressed or if you need to go on an antidepressant? I hope... Read more »

Psychotherapy: 10 Fibs and Facts

Have you or someone you know had a bad experience with therapy or a not so good therapist? Unfortunately, bad therapists are out there, so I can’t argue that they don’t exist. I also can’t argue the fact that therapy isn’t right for everyone. It’s just not. However, I can argue that if based on... Read more »

What you can do when you can't help a mentally ill parent

When someone you love suffers from mental illness and they won’t get help, it can be frustrating and terrifying. You might feel helpless or angry. There is no wrong way to think or feel, but there is a right way to act. There is no shortage of potential topics to write about for Mental Health... Read more »

Letters to a New Mom: Post-Partum Mental Health Issues and You

Some moms who blog here on ChicagoNow are doing a project together called “Letters to a New Mom.” Sheila, who writes the blog, Mary Tyler Mom came up with the idea. Genius! I couldn’t resist. New moms need to be educated about potential changes in their mental health status post baby. Dear New Mom (or... Read more »

Social Media and Mental Health

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (I love Pinterest more than most things ever and always and will never hate it because I want to marry it), Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.? There are many articles about social media and it’s effect on our mental health. It really is fascinating, you know,... Read more »

Multiple Sclerosis, Organic Mental Illness and Mother's Day

I believe I mentioned that during Mental Health Month, I’d be hosting some guest bloggers! Well, here’s the first guest – Annie, A.K.A “my fave side-ho,” Swingen, who writes the hilarious blog here on ChicagoNow called Swirleytime. She writes about fucking chaos, man, and trust me, it’s magical. I’ve shared many of her posts before and... Read more »

Mental Health Month: Mindfulness and a Handy Dandy Notebook (Ding!)

Do you have a notebook handy? If not, get one. You don’t need a crisp, new, fancy thing either. You can take a half used leftover from a pile of old school supplies or even put together a bunch of scrap paper. You are going to need a handy-dandy notebook if you want to learn... Read more »

Mental Health Month: Mental Illness, Music and Mood

I love mental health month. It is putting me in a better mood than usual, because I love talking about mental health! I’m in the mood to write about MOOD. I want you to understand the difference between normal moods and a mood disorder AND why it’s super important that you do. Hip-hip, hooray for... Read more »

Mental Health: The best and the worst

When I was still in graduate school, doing my internship in professional counseling psychology, one of my supervisors gave me some advice. She told me that I would need to toughen up if I was going to survive working in the field of psychology. She tried to prepare me for the best and the worst,... Read more »