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Bieber fever - A lesson in being authentic

It's no secret that I'm a Justin Bieber fan. I also enjoy the vocal stylings of Air Supply, Toto, Richard Marx, Mandy Moore, Peter Cetera, Jim Brickman and One Direction.
For as long as I can remember, my friends and family have felt comfortable mocking me or making fun of my taste in food, clothing, music, movies, etc. There was a time when I would feel upset, I shut my trap and pretended to like things that were considered “cool” and made an attempt to... Read more »

What I've learned from Prince Harry showing his Twig and Berries

My paternal grandmother used to say that one of our distant relatives was an Earl of something in England. I was hoping for Earl of Sandwich, but the family hails from Tuxford in Nottinghamshire, so my distant relative was probably the Earl of cow shit. However, since learning of my potentially very important connections to... Read more »