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The sad and salty story of Puff Dummy (why you should never stop listening to your mother)

The other day, I was all set to write something about the Listen to your Mother Chicago show when I heard this little voice from downstairs saying, “Nikki – I’m so cold! So cold! Come warm me up in the microwave and put me in your bellay!” As I walked down the stairs, I heard... Read more »

Good Housekeeping gets it right: A seal of approval from a gal who knows she's good enough

Oh Missy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Missy! HEY MISSY! I don’t know if Melissa McCarthy likes to be called Missy, but when I talk or sing about her, that’s what I call her. And I sing that song about her every time I see her on the boob... Read more »