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Making space for Mindfulness

Sometimes the days are just motherfuckers and it’s good to make space for mindfulness so that my emotions don’t bring out my inner asshole, raining irritable vibes at the people I love. I hate it when that happens, so I try to keep it from happening with… You guessed it! Mindfulness, Motherfuckers! But how does... Read more »

Make this Father's Day one you will not regret

A good friend of mine will be spending Father’s Day with her dad for the last time. He is dying. She recently asked me if I had any regrets or if I would have done anything different during my father’s last days. I was happy to tell her that I wouldn’t have done a goddamn... Read more »

Complicated Grief

Yesterday, I shared the article, You Went to a Funeral and Then You Went Home , on my Facebook page. I received an email about it this morning that prompted me to end my mental health month series with a quick post about Complicated Grief. A blurb from M. “So I did read that you... Read more »

Mom's March Madness

Everyone loves this time of year, but it’s not so much my favorite. My father died in March of 2003 and as much as I don’t want to be the sulky drama queen, attaching sad faces to every interpersonal interaction, I struggle. I remember one particularly horrible evening when he was still alive and suffering,... Read more »