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A conversation with Baby Sideburns and Moms Who Drink And Swear

Here on ChicagoNow, we have some talented motherfuckers, like me. Smug much? Hells yes. Blogging is the one thing I do well. But I digress. I try to read as many ChicagoNow blogs as I can. I want to support my community, sure, but really my reason for reading so many blogs is selfish. The... Read more »

An Open Letter to The Voices

I was thinking about my own blog and I do believe that some of my old posts could be construed as oddly formatted open letters. Were some of my open letter-type posts obvious to others, even if I didn’t see them as such? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about or... Read more »

Win a copy of the new book - Moms Who Drink And Swear: True Tales of Loving My Kids While Losing My Mind

It’s all fun and games until it’s not all fun and games. Do you see where I’m going with this? No? Do you look like this right now? Let me explain. It’s my way of saying that writing a blog and peeling off pithy, off color rants on Facebook and Twitter (I am @queenofcussin and... Read more »

You win some, you lose some

This is me this morning. I has a big saaaaaaaaad face to go with the glob of toothpaste on my chin (that is not doing anything to help dry up the PILES of acne clusters popping up all around my wrinkly face). Sad? Yes. Sad. I. have. failed. Muchos sickos has been the theme here... Read more »

This blog has no title because it's a hot mess of random emotional weirdness

Sheesh, yesterday it felt like an invisible elf was pounding my head in with a hammer and I was crying over a picture of Steve Dahl walking with his grandson in Walgreens while I was sweating out a fever and wishing I had a nice servant boy named Wren who could look and dance like... Read more »