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Early Christmas shopping at Bass Pro Shop

I'm exercising my first amendment right to remind a motherfucker that nobody wants to infringe on your rights. But personally, I just don't want my kid's brains blown out while they are learning their ABC's, yo, so whatever. This is not on my list. NO.
My husband wanted to have dinner at Bass Pro Shop for Father’s Day. YEAH! He is a wonderful dad and deserves to be celebrated with fudge and fish  and general tomfoolery. These things abound at Bass Pro Shop, because Bass Pro Shop has a gift shop! The place gives me the happy, nervous, funny feels,... Read more »

Make this Father's Day one you will not regret

A good friend of mine will be spending Father’s Day with her dad for the last time. He is dying. She recently asked me if I had any regrets or if I would have done anything different during my father’s last days. I was happy to tell her that I wouldn’t have done a goddamn... Read more »

How often should married people have sex part two: Holidays

This Sunday is Father’s Day. I’m not a father, but I think I speak for most men when I say that they would like to have the gift of sex on this upcoming Father’s Day. More than once if you are feeling particularly generous and find yourself with a few extra kid free moments. Seriously,... Read more »