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Throwback Thursday is the best thing about social media

My friend, Justin, thinks Throwback Thursday is stupid. Throwback Thursday is a thing on social media. People post old photos and cards and journals and books and ticket stubs and whatever old crap they can drag out of their mom’s basement. Maybe it is stupid, but I love it. I love social media and I... Read more »

Social Media and Mental Health

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (I love Pinterest more than most things ever and always and will never hate it because I want to marry it), Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.? There are many articles about social media and it’s effect on our mental health. It really is fascinating, you know,... Read more »

Fact checking and Facebook - A mostly true rant about the pleasures and pitfalls of social networking

“The problem with the internet is that 54.67% of what you read is not totally true, but 54.23% is true and of that true-ness, only 45.9% is slightly true.”  Mother Theresa of Calcutta If you have taken even the most basic statistics class, you know that finding accurate statistics to support a hypothesis isn’t as... Read more »

Moms who drink and swear - By the numbers

If I were great with numbers, I’d attempt to give you an idea of what my Facebook fan page numbers really mean. But I’m not, great with numbers that is.  I’m not even a great writer, but I’m improving. As I writer I mean. I’m getting good at that. But I’m not writing about my... Read more »