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Blurred Lines: Setting and maintaining boundaries

I love a good metaphor more than I love guacamole, and that’s saying something, because I love guacamole more than almost any damn thing! My most recent metaphor-riffic obsession is the concept of BLURRED LINES! A very intense conversation with a friend about parenting, and yes, also the hit song, Blurred Lines, by Robin Thicke... Read more »

Taking one for the team

  This my son on his “genetically engineered flying pony” with his Benny the Bull mask. Weirdo. I was snuggled up with a good book and the dog when he demanded the moment be captured for all eternity, so I got up and took a pic. Total weirdo, right? But I love him. He knows... Read more »

Scary and sweary mommies

With each of my children, there have been few separate incidents over the years where I lost complete control of myself and screamed at them. SCREAMED!  Each time was ugliness Maximus. I didn’t recognize myself in the screechy person, foaming at the mouth and barking like a rabid dog. But each time I lost my... Read more »