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Letters to a New Mom: Post-Partum Mental Health Issues and You

Some moms who blog here on ChicagoNow are doing a project together called “Letters to a New Mom.” Sheila, who writes the blog, Mary Tyler Mom came up with the idea. Genius! I couldn’t resist. New moms need to be educated about potential changes in their mental health status post baby. Dear New Mom (or... Read more »

Multiple Sclerosis, Organic Mental Illness and Mother's Day

I believe I mentioned that during Mental Health Month, I’d be hosting some guest bloggers! Well, here’s the first guest – Annie, A.K.A “my fave side-ho,” Swingen, who writes the hilarious blog here on ChicagoNow called Swirleytime. She writes about fucking chaos, man, and trust me, it’s magical. I’ve shared many of her posts before and... Read more »

Let's be buddies, Motherf*ckers!

Unless you have a problem with comprehension, are not a regular reader, or a new reader of my blog, or are just un-observant to the n’th degree, you know that I have toyed with leaving ChicagoNow a couple of times. Why am I still here? Because ChicagoNow is where my buddies are! (I realize that... Read more »

Moms who drink and swear is ready to FLY

Tweet Tweet! This baby bird is leaving the nest. I have loved being on Chicago Now, but I will soon be leaving this host site. I’ve grown as a writer during my time here and I have made some REAL friends. Not pretend friends who live in my computer that would delete me from their... Read more »

Civilized Correspondence to the Beloved Moms Who Drink & Swear

Dear Moms who drink and swear (MWDAS), And also the dads that consider themselves MWDAS or grandmas who are active in our group and the people without kids that hang out for laughs and a daily dose of birth control. I removed the earlier version about dads who are in the process of becoming moms... Read more »

Moms who drink, swear and CARE- Kicking pediatric cancer's ASS

“How can you possibly write such terrible things about being a parent? What is wrong with you? As a parent who has lost a child, I am offended by how ungrateful and clueless you are.” Name withheld That email message wasn’t so much fun to receive. In the early days of Moms who drink and... Read more »