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Let's be buddies, Motherf*ckers!

Unless you have a problem with comprehension, are not a regular reader, or a new reader of my blog, or are just un-observant to the n’th degree, you know that I have toyed with leaving ChicagoNow a couple of times. Why am I still here? Because ChicagoNow is where my buddies are! (I realize that... Read more »

The five things I do not want for Mother's Day

Kids hate making this crap at school and I don't know any moms that enjoy receiving these paper fibs on Mother's Day. LIES! Chore coupons? At our house, no kid has the option of choosing what chores they will do. A vestigial tail would be of greater use to me than these coupons, although if there wasn't a square of toilet paper to spare in the entire house, I suppose these could come in handy if kept in the shitter with the smutty rags and Sudoko puzzle books.
My father in law (may he be resting in perfect peace) used to say that he enjoyed giving me gifts because I was so easy to please and always so grateful. It’s true. I don’t want or need much and I’m perfectly content with the things that I have.  I’m not into clothes, shoes or... Read more »