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Do you know how much your kids know about penises?

Pop music is the weirdest. Think about it! Sir Mix-a-lot’s song about loving a lady with a huge padonkadonk has become a sort of classic, and I use the term classic loosely, but you know what I mean. Everybody knows at least a few of the lyrics, gods help me, I know all of them.... Read more »

Ladies, you need to STOP feeling me up!

Lyletta, the author of the ChicagoNow hosted blog, I Hate My Developer, taught me never to touch a black girl’s hair. EVER. She’s also helped me become more of a bad ass in terms of setting boundaries and saying NO to things instead of feeling like I owe people a YES. Lyletta is good with boundaries... Read more »

Religion is the enemy of sex, but thankfully sex is winning

Religion is the enemy of sex, but thankfully sex is winning
In the history of sex, the worst thing to happen to sex and sexuality has got to be the inception or organized religion. You might want to argue that sexually transmitted diseases are way worse, and you might be right, because festering sores on genitals, insanity and death are pretty fucking horrid, so let me... Read more »

Transforming the Transgender Experience Through Courage

In 1988, my high school sociology teacher, Dave Dillon, had courage. At a time when hardly anyone from his generation was even aware of transgender issues, or even what the term meant, he was hell bent on making sure that my generation was educated. Students in Mr. Dillon’s senior level sociology class at Naperville Central... Read more »

Manifesto of a boring gay man

I have angergasms when straight women treat gay men like pets or faux-girlfriends. It’s shitty and ignorant and disrespectful. In general, I have angergasms when anyone treats anyone else in a less-than way based on their sexual preferences. It is just the most ignorant sort of thinking, you know? Sexual preference is like eye color,... Read more »