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I Love the C-Word

I asked my friend Kim who writes the blog,

Shopping for school supplies is like getting stabbed in the eye with a #2 pencil

My awesome guest blogger today is Lenora Rand. She writes a blog here on ChicagoNow called Spiritual Suckitude – great fucking blog title, right? Who doesn’t want to be more spiritual? I know I do. You can find Lenora’s not sucky blog by clicking HERE and also “like” her on Facebook by clicking HERE. Now... Read more »

The day my daughter told me to shut up turned out to be a great day

I was helping my daughter practice tying her shoes. She had just done it for the very first time the previous day. Waaaaa! I can’t doooooooo it. I’ll never get it again! – Her You did it yesterday a whole bunch of times and you’ll do it again today. It just takes practice to get... Read more »

Early Christmas shopping at Bass Pro Shop

I'm exercising my first amendment right to remind a motherfucker that nobody wants to infringe on your rights. But personally, I just don't want my kid's brains blown out while they are learning their ABC's, yo, so whatever. This is not on my list. NO.
My husband wanted to have dinner at Bass Pro Shop for Father’s Day. YEAH! He is a wonderful dad and deserves to be celebrated with fudge and fish  and general tomfoolery. These things abound at Bass Pro Shop, because Bass Pro Shop has a gift shop! The place gives me the happy, nervous, funny feels,... Read more »

When did summer vacation stop being about doing nothing and all about always doing something?

When did summer vacation stop being about doing nothing and all about always doing something? I’m fucking serious. We have always had low key summer vacations, yet my kids seem to think that everyday should be jam packed with super-fun activities. WHAT THE SHIT? I have a love/hate relationship with summer vacation. In short, there... Read more »

Do you need to go on an antidepressant?

When you find yourself at a party where there’s a doctor, do you ask him/her to look at suspicious mole on your shoulder? Do you pick the brains of psychiatrists you meet getting drunk at bars, asking them if they think you are depressed or if you need to go on an antidepressant? I hope... Read more »

Psychotherapy: 10 Fibs and Facts

Have you or someone you know had a bad experience with therapy or a not so good therapist? Unfortunately, bad therapists are out there, so I can’t argue that they don’t exist. I also can’t argue the fact that therapy isn’t right for everyone. It’s just not. However, I can argue that if based on... Read more »

What you can do when you can't help a mentally ill parent

When someone you love suffers from mental illness and they won’t get help, it can be frustrating and terrifying. You might feel helpless or angry. There is no wrong way to think or feel, but there is a right way to act. There is no shortage of potential topics to write about for Mental Health... Read more »

Thank you, Ativan, for helping me bleeding out a book...again!

People have been asking the same three questions lately. 1) Why don’t you post as much on Facebook? 2) When book number two is coming out? 3) Can I have some of your Ativan? First of all, about Facebook, well, when I have something to say, I say it. I just have less to say... Read more »

New Horizons, B*tches!

I’m always surprised when someone I consider to be a bit formal or mainstream reaches out to me in a positive and welcoming way with regard to my blog and book. My book and blog may have a different tone than some of the other stuff in the book and blogosphere about mental health and... Read more »