The new Nicholas Sparks comedy - The Best of Me - is HI-larious!

In honor of National Blog Posting Month – #NaBloPoMo, I’ve decided to feature some insanely talented guest blogger buddies of mine here on Moms Who Drink And Swear: Chicago Edition. This is the third guest post in the series. Julie Hammerle is, hands down the pants, one of my favorite bloggers. She’s a little shit in the best sense of the word, you know? Like a naughty little shit that is also delightful. I love her. I also love chick flicks and chick lit and this guest post really hit the spot for me. And by the spot, I don’t mean THE spot, but you know, the other spot. Enjoy.

Mom’s Night Out
by Julie Hammerle

The latest movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel fails as a drama, but succeeds (admirably) as a comedy.

My sister-in-law and I have started taking in movies together on the regular, usually preceded by a glass of wine or six. This weekend, we left the kids with my brother and set out to see The Best of Me. We could’ve seen Fury or Gone Girl or This is Where I Leave You (again), but we saw this trash.

That said, the movie was worth the $10.50 per ticket because I think I dropped at least three pounds laughing my ass off. The Best of Me is Personal Trainer Approved!

Here’s a list of what makes the movie so bad it’s good:

1. The 42-year-old dude they cast to play Young James Marsden. Why was this necessary? It was not necessary. But it was gold. Comedic gold.

2. The fact that 42-year-old high school James Marsden’s head is about three times bigger than regular old Marsden’s, because apparently twenty years working on an oil rig will literally shrink your noggin. Nicholas Sparks is science.

3. Speaking of science, we know Marsden’s character is “smart” because he randomly reads physics books and the camera really wants to make sure we notice that.

4. In order to fall in real, true love you must be a) Southern, b) in high school, and c) near a lake. That’s also science.

5. The ‘90s fashion in this movie is not ‘90s fashion. Raise your hand if you were wearing cute Lululemon outfits to work out in in 1992? Put your hand down. You were wearing Umbros.

6. Every dress worn by Michelle Monaghan’s character, past and present, had a cut out back. Until she and Marsden bumped uglies again. Then the back of her dress was whole again, as was she. That’s a master class in characterization right there.

7. In case you were wondering, in Nicholas Sparks’s world, the pain of losing the guy you banged that one time in high school totally trumps the pain of losing your daughter. Because how cute did your baby look in a sweaty tank top? Not as cute as James Marsden, that’s for sure. Sparks totally gets woman. It’s like he is a woman.

8. I won’t spoil it, but if there’s a sequel to this movie, I feel like it’s going to take us to some pretty creepy, incest-ridden places in the name of true love; and I, for one, will be first in line to buy a ticket to The Best of Me, Too: Electric Boogaloo.

Full disclosure: I would bang James Mardsen LIKE A DRUM!

Full disclosure: I would bang James Mardsen LIKE A DRUM!

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