I Love the C-Word

I asked my friend Kim who writes the blog, Listing Beyond Forty, to write a guest post for Moms Who Drink And Swearâ„¢. She’s not a cunt. She loves the word as much as I do, even if she doesn’t use it very often on her own blog. Most people don’t. Anyway, if you don’t like the C-Word, I suggest you click your way somewhere else right fucking now….


I Love the C-Word
By Kim Dale

To make it clear to anyone who read the title as joke and assumes this is going to be a post about cake or cummerbunds or cuddling, it is not. This is a post about the word cunt. If that offends you stop reading now. Or, if you’re just too curious to stop reading, but first need to go to your jewelry box to put on some pearls so that you may clutch them, go ahead. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Great.

Cunt is a wonderful word. I’m not saying cunt is a word that should be used all the time. I’m not saying it it should be in your next presentation at work or in the dialogue of the next Disney princess movie. Cunt is what TV and movie content warnings call “strong language.” It is very powerful, so it should be used in moderation. However, as a writer and a lover of words, I’m glad that cunt is there in case I need it.

Is the word cunt vulgar? Yes, but sometimes life needs a little vulgarity. You can get a gynecological exam for your vagina, but you get your cunt fucked (if you are lucky).

How are those pearls doing? Pause and think about someone “making love” to your “lady flower” if you need a quick break.

Cunt is not a newly invented vulgarity. William Shakespeare jokes about the word in Twelfth Night, and as your high school English teacher should have taught you, Shakespeare is some respectable shit.

And speaking of theatre, one of the Vagina Monologues is called “Reclaiming Cunt.” It was originally performed by Glenn Close. Glenn Close led an entire audience in chanting the word cunt over and over. Would you be more comfortable with cunt if Glenn Close told you to say it?

Cunt is fun to say. It has a hard, biting sound much like fuck, but it is even better than fuck! Fuck has that lovely hard k sound at the end, but the soft sounding f at the beginning weakens it somewhat. Fuck is a good word, but it is no cunt.

Cunt has a hard k sound at the front, a sharp t sound at the end, and a growling nnnnnnnnnnnn in the middle. It’s delicious to say. Cunt. Cunt. Go ahead and say it. Let me be your Glenn Close. Hold onto those pearls and say “cunt.” It will feel good on your tongue. Cunt.

Did you say it?

Cunt is definitely not a word for all audiences or all occasions, but it’s an excellent word for what it is. I will proudly use the word cunt when it seems right to do so. You don’t have to. Not using the c-word is your prerogative, just try not to be a cunt about it.

Kim Z. Dale writes the Listing Beyond Forty blog for ChicagoNow where she rarely uses the word cunt except in Christmas songs. Kim tweets a lot as @observacious. You can also find her on Facebook and Google+.

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