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I Love the C-Word

I asked my friend Kim who writes the blog,

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans

She also wore a fucking mime costume to the mall and went naked at a nude beach.
Ebola. JUST KIDDING! I want to tell you something that will inspire you so fucking much, you will either change a few things in your life, do nothing different, OR maybe you will do that stupid negative self talk like a wussy and be jealous and all, “I’m a loser,” and talk yourself out of... Read more »

Another post about lice because OMG fuck lice!

A descendant of American Revolution Heroes tweeted this to me today. I got itchy because FUCK LICE! It’s so awful in every fucking way that just thinking about when my family had to deal with the blood sucking bastards makes my sympathetic nervous system go ape shit. APE SHIT I SAY! Here is the tweet.... Read more »

Teachable moments and assholes

I hope both of my children will grow up to be confident and independent adults. It would kill me if, as adults, they turned out to be mom’s basement dwelling assholes, unable to hack it in the real world. I’m trying to do my part as a parent to teach them the basic life skills... Read more »

What do mental illness and porn have in common?

Are you normal? Is anyone? Does normal even exist? The answer is yes. The answer is also no. There is a range of normalishness. And so, with this wide range of what qualifies as normal, is there really such thing as mental illness? The answer to that question is yes! Mental illness exists, but the... Read more »

Crushing the stigma of mental illness, one blog post tirade at a time

Yesterday over breakfast, my mother and I were talking about how open people of my generation are to discussing mental illness. People of her generation (Silent Generation – people born between 1925 and 1945) wouldn’t dream of talking about mental illness of any kind in casual conversation, let alone acknowledging it in private. It just... Read more »