Please tell me this stuff happens in your house too

Please go brush your teeth! Me

I lost my toothbrush. Her

Wait. What? Lost? How is that even possible? Me

I think I lost it at camp. Her

You have been back from camp for two weeks. Me

I know. And my teeth are really starting to feel super gross. Her

So you are telling me that you haven’t brushed your teeth since you were at camp? Me

No, that’s not what I’m telling you. Her

But you haven’t seen your toothbrush since camp? Me

Nope. It’s lost. But one time I used your toothbrush and one time I used Dad’s, so I have brushed my teeth since I was at camp. Her

Oh, what a relief. Here I was thinking you hadn’t brushed them at all. Me

That would be disgusting. Her

Totally disgusting. Me

Please tell me this kind of stuff happens at your house. Please, please, please…..

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