Don't you DARE call my breakfast white trash! Food racism - is this even a thing?

Food racism. Is that even a thing? You know, sort of like how some people say that Throw Back Thursday, when people post old pictures, isn’t a real thing.

I don’t know!

I do know that I posted this photo on Facebook

white trash breakfast

Scrambled eggs and fried hot dogs!

And a friend made a comment about not realizing that I was white trash.

I was not offended. However, it’s important to note that I am difficult to offend. Unless I am off meds or have raging, uncontrollable PMS, I tend to do a very good job of taking most things in the spirit of which they were intended, and most things aren’t mean spirited or meant to insult, even if they do come off as mean spirited and insulting. The title of this blog is NOT at all indicative of how I feel about the comment. I just thought it was good click bait, because I am going to talk about racism just a little bit, but I’m going to talk more about food and mull about whether food racism is a thing!

So many different types of food! Kosher. Cajun. Chinese. Japanese. Korean. Italian. Greek. English. French. Soul food.

Did you think a food racist thought when you read the words soul food, or did you just think a thought about the origin of the term and get a visual of a certain food or person? Soul food is delicious and sometimes not nutritious, but I can’t think of one person who doesn’t get a warm fuzzy thinking about a plate full of fried okra, collard greens, cornbread and chicken. Soul food is strongly associated with African American Culture, and some of the most wonderful dishes came out of the need for slaves to find ways to make meals with what they had. I can’t think of anything more loving and intelligent than feeding the souls of people you love by creating dishes to make their bodies strong.

What would make your thoughts or comments about soul food racist?

Discrimination, not celebration, that’s what! Segregation, not participation and emancipation, that’s what, too! A statement about a thing as it relates to a race that qualifies or quantifies is as inferior is what makes it racist. Was my friend’s comment unintentionally racist? Yeah. It was. The thing that really got me thinking after I read it, was that I didn’t even think about my breakfast being white trash before I read his comment. When I cooked up my breakfast, I was thinking about deliciousness, not defamation of character. I was feeling lucky as shit that I was going to eat that bowl of yum.

Was my friend calling me white trash? Not really. Am I white trash? According to the definitions I read, I am not, but I am certainly not superior to someone who fits the definition just because I don’t. I started thinking about how food choices are related to our culture, race, religion and socio-ecomomic status. They are. It’s a fact, and it’s fucking awesome. Food is a thing. Racism is a thing.

Is food racism a thing?

I guess it is. I don’t know for sure. Racism is racism. Adding an adjective before the word doesn’t make it any worse than it was before it was categorized, does it? I guess food racism is a thing, but it’s not a different thing than racism in general. I also don’t think categorizing a food and associating it with a race is always racism. There is a fine line between fact and mean dumbfuckery. We should all try our best to be respectful and aware of what that line is and where we need to draw it.

I do know that hot dogs are in the category of foods that will most likely cause you to croak sooner rather than later if you eat them all the time, rather than occasionally (which for me is at least once a week). People who are considered white trash by definition, do, in fact, eat more hot dogs than people who can afford to not eat hot dogs, even if the people who can afford healthier meat choices know that hot dogs taste a lot fucking better than the organic sodium free bland hifalutin omega 3 rich fish they eat on the regular. And soul food may be good for the soul, but fried food is hard on the heart.

People of all races, cultures, religions and socio-economic groups dig on fried chow and encased meat! And oh my gawwwwd cornbread loaded with butter and honey? Food porn. We just do it with different frequencies and think about it differently. Food plays different roles in all of our lives. Food preferences among different races, cultures, religions and socio-ecomomic groups are definitely a thing. And since on Throwback Thursday, people post pictures of their food, I guess that makes Throwback Thursday a thing too (Justin, I’m talking to you! Bahahahahahaha!).

Anyway, I was not offended, but that doesn’t mean that calling a person white trash is not an offensive thing to do. It is. In real life, it’s a way of telling a person that they are less, and that’s a shitty thing to do. My friend was joking around. Is it every okay to joke around about race? I don’t know the answer to that question either. I didn’t take offense, but maybe if I was white trash, I would. But if I was white trash, would he say that to me at all? And what if he was white trash too and we were just talking about race and joking about a certain racial stereotype that included our own? That is different from being a full on racist, isn’t it?

I think so. But I’m often wrong. I’m also often offensive.

Also, in my opinion, people who think putting ketchup on hot dogs is hot dog blasphemy need to fuck the shit OFF and stop judging people who don’t. Hot dogs are made of lips and assholes, do you really think it matters what we put on them as long as we are enjoying our over processed, nitrate loaded encased meat?


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