Sufi Wisdom and Baby Goats

Have you heard this Sufi saying –?

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate ask, ‘Is it kind?’”

Before you answer, let me tell you three things. First thing, Sufism is the “inner, mystical dimension of Islam.” Second, it’s okay if you want to stop reading now if you are worried that I’ll be writing about religion because if I wasn’t writing this, I’d stop reading, because who wants to read some asshole’s ramblings about something so personal? Last thing, if you plan to stop reading, will you first make sure to watch the embedded video at the end of this post? Really, you need to watch it.

Anyhoo…I was scrolling down the Pinterest newsfeed and saw this Sufi quote.

Ooooo that's deep, Man!

Ooooo that’s deep, Man!

Hmmm…I said to myself, this was good for you to see, you cranky dickhead! I was going to look up more Sufi stuff (because why not piss away as much time as possible hoarding wise quotes and not applying any of the wisdom to my real life), but instead, I decided to give the true, necessary and kind advice some thought.

I am not religious. None of the ritual, history and information in any of the religions I know of ring true for me, at least not on a level that would allow me to feel comfortable being a card carrying member. That being said, I do see why people are drawn to the structure and community religion provide, because structure and community are good things! I really get see this up close and personal when religious people I know engage in the rituals and traditions that are a part of certain holidays and seasons in their specific belief structures.

Right now, it’s Lent season in the Christian faith and people are engaging in the rituals that are part of the Lenten traditions. One of those rituals is giving up something for 40 days. Another is not eating meat on Fridays. Both of my kids have asked me about these behaviors and without even knowing it, I have tried very hard to apply the Sufi wisdom I found yesterday on Pinterest to our conversation (while we eat bloody, red meat for dinner and continue doing everything just the same for the next 40 days).

I admit that I am not always successful. When it comes to making sure my words about organized religion are true, necessary and kind, I struggle, but it’s not for the usual reason I struggle, that reason being that I am just naturally button pushing asshole. The thing is, I am not trying to be a jerk, but when it comes to this stuff, I find it nearly impossible to communicate MY thoughts, opinions and beliefs without sounding like a condescending, disrespectful shit. Religion is a tough topic, period. Amiright?

God (gods or whatever), help us all!

As I was giving the specific Sufi wisdom some thought, I decided that although I wanted to fall down the rabbit hole of Pinterest images of Sufi wisdom, there would likely be no other words that could help me to follow the first piece of advice, but I was really hoping to find something! I may not be religious, but I’m no different than everyone else with regard to the fact that I want to find meaning in life. I, too, crave the ritual and structure that a power greater than my own dumbfuckery can provide.

This shit is hard, Yo! What to do?

So I decided to watch videos of baby goats hopping around and I think you will too. Pass the Italian beef, motherfuckers.

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