New Horizons, B*tches!

I’m always surprised when someone I consider to be a bit formal or mainstream reaches out to me in a positive and welcoming way with regard to my blog and book. My book and blog may have a different tone than some of the other stuff in the book and blogosphere about mental health and family, but despite the profanity, my message is solid and my purpose is relatively pure.

I’m a total fucking sweetheart. Ask people who know me.

No, seriously, ask them ASK THEM GODDAMMIT!

Sweet FUCKING heart.

Back to what I was saying before I called myself out on my sweet heartedness. The message I am always trying to convey is that I want people to embrace imperfection, learn new things, become more self-aware and act like less of an asshole. My purpose is to present information in a way that is easier to digest than a bunch of blowhard self-righteous, boring as hell bullshit with words people have to look up.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I try to keep on message and be sweet. I don’t always succeed, but when I do, it makes me feel better about the times when the formal or mainstream folks reach out to me in a negative and rejecting way with regard to my blog and book, no matter how positive my message is.

You know who you are. Fuckers.

Anyway, when the event planners putting together a fundraiser for The New Horizons Center for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Autism at The Peggy Notebaert Butterfly Nature Museum in Chicago reached out to me in a positive and welcoming way, it was one of those times when I was VERY surprised for a hot second, but then I remembered that people who work with special needs children and families tend to be much more accepting and understanding of people who tend to be different or difficult than people who don’t.

Sorry people who have no experience or context for what I’m saying who feel like I’m judging you harshly, but what I’m saying s true and I’m not being harsh. I’m just being fucking honest. If you don’t have experience with this shit, you just don’t know and there’s no shame in not knowing. However, not knowing is no excuse for not trying to learn and not reaching out to help if you can.

And so, without further ado, I’d like to deliver a positive message and valuable information for a reason that’s as pure as I can come up with, considering there’s an un-pure component to what I’m sharing.


What?     FUNDRAISER for The New Horizons Center in Chicago.
Where?    The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, Illinois
When?    March 20 from 7 to 11 PM
Why?       To raise money and have a great time
How do I get a ticket to this kickassness? Click HERE.

You can check out the event page on Facebook by clicking HERE!


The New Horizons Center is a 501(c) charity, which is a hands-on school with low student to teacher ratio for disabled children. Read about New Horizons by clicking HERE and watch the video at the end of this post.

Seriously, do not forget to watch the video.

I’ll be at the event, signing copies of my book and supporting the cause of The New Horizon Center. I know, how pure is this is if I profit from my book? Well, an outcast that doesn’t really get a lot of mainstream acceptance takes it where she can get it. Being welcomed by the mainstream folk to be a voice for those who need it is an honor. It means at least some people are getting it, and as a mother of a special needs kid, I really fucking get it.

I hope to meet some of you at this unique and important event that’s sole purpose is to raise money for a place that helps people with special needs learn the skills they need to live their lives in a positive, supportive welcoming environment. It’s going to be amazing and if you don’t want to see me, there’s a lot of other shit going on…



Be a sweetheart and try to make it, okay? If you can’t make it, consider The New Horizons Center when you make your charitable giving plan for 2014. You can click on the words to check out their website or click HERE for specific ways YOU can help. Now watch the goddamn video starring the students at The New Horizons and fucking Brian Dennehey.

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