Be your own motherf*cking cheerleader!


When you read that word, what went through your mind?

Did you imagine generous, intelligent, strong, athletic, talented, tenacious enlightened women or did you think of petty, pretty, hot, slutty brainless, bossy bitchy girls who run in tight, exclusive cliques, dismissive of non-cheerleaders and snotty to the ‘nth degree?

Probably the latter.

You can say that you don’t think about cheerleaders, or beautiful women in general, and this might be true, but when you see a cheerleader or hear the word, you can’t say that something doesn’t click in your subconscious, whether that click is positive or negative, there’s a click. Denial is futile.

I want to blame the movie industry for portraying cheerleaders and beautiful women as shallow, cruel, snotty, cunty bullies, but I can’t. Stereotypes about any group or individual are the sum of gazillions of general experiences of gazillions of people. Most certainly, stereotypes are based in a certain level of truth, but does that mean they are always right?


Don’t hate me, but I was a cheerleader.

I'm six hundred fifty nine times more confident and content with my body and mind today. Hmm…..

I’m six hundred fifty nine times more confident and content with my body and mind today. Hmm…..

When I was younger, I ran screaming from my cheerleader past because I didn’t like the negative feedback I received from people who initially seemed to like me before finding out that in high school, I was a cheerleader and on the dance team. I needed to free myself from the idea that all I had to offer the world was a nice looking outer shell, because I knew there was so much more to me than I allowed others to see when I was trying to figure out who the hell I even was. One of my good friends did just the opposite. She became a professional fucking cheerleader.

A goddamn Luvabull!

Wynne is on the far left. A freaking Luvabull? SO COOL!

Wynne is on the far left. A freaking Luvabull? SO COOL!

It really blew my mind.

Here’s the thing – my friend, Wynne, became an enlightened cheerleader. YES, this is a thing. You can read about her HERE and see the way she’s working to cunt punt the negative stereotypes about cheerleaders and beautiful women by giving women the tools they need to “discover and reveal their deeper side while simultaneously reaching the peak of their physical confidence,” because


According to Wynne, and I whole heartedly agree, “The focus on one to the exclusion of the other is always detrimental to our personal development.”

Fuck yeah it is, Wynne! Life is all about balance.

It really is. In her book, An Enlightened Cheerleader, Wynne talks about how “Many of us are mostly unconscious of our inner self because so much of the focus is on our outer shell development and our Egos.”

I love the entire book, but I have to say that my favorite chapter is called Feminine Feminists, and when you read the book, you’ll understand why in a hot damn minute.

Wynne's rad book!

Wynne’s rad book!

Militant feminism turns me off. Gentle, supportive sharing of ideas turns me on. It sickens me that all the battles women have – parenting, professional, political and spiritual – occur in the first place, because are you fucking joking? Are we trying to channel Ann Coulter, sniping and shitting on our own gender due to anger, ignorance and spite?

How ridiculous is it that our gender, a gender that has struggled to achieve the rights and respect we deserve as human beings, chooses to be anything but open minded, supportive and encouraging to each other. It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s infuriating and frustrating and it has to stop!

Fucking fuck just stop! Let go of the stereotypes and free your mind, motherfuckers.


I have the urge to keep quoting Wynne’s book for you, because it’s just that good, but I think you should just buy the goddamn thing. It’s an empowering read. It’s smart, raw, honest and deeper than the deepest part of the ocean. Yes, Wynne uses her experience as a professional cheerleader as she leads you and teaches you a rad formula for self mastery, but you don’t have to be a cheerleader to understand the battle every woman, every human for that matter, fights to be our own cheerleader.

This is a great book for young adult and adults, including the men-folk, but only if the man who reads it happens to be confident enough in his humanity to understand and feel comfortable with the truth that deep down, both the male and female genders encounter many of the same challenges, and that facing these challenges isn’t a gender specific experience.

Yeah, this book is for everyone, and not just because my friend wrote it. It’s for everyone who wants to be their own cheerleader and “live at the upper edge of their potential ability. If you don’t have any interest in that, well, ignore this entire blog and just look at this picture of a monkey who wants to blow your fucking head off.


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Wynne and I with our great fucking books. GREAT FUCKING BOOKS.

Wynne and I with our great fucking books. GREAT FUCKING BOOKS.

Get enlightened, Motherfuckers. Be your own cheerleader, just like me and Wynne!

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