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Fear can suck my chocolate, salty balls part two: Electric Boogaloo and brushing your toofs

Last night I wrote and published a blog post about fear titled, Fear can suck my chocolate, salty balls as part of the ChicagoNow Blogapalooza challenge. The challenge was to write and post within an hour of receiving the challenge. Despite receiving what is a typical number of page views (people reading the blog), I... Read more »

Fear can suck my chocolate, salty balls

Blog prompt for Blogapalooza: Write about fear, or lack thereof, and the role it has played in any aspect of your life. You have an hour to write a blog and post it. What the mother of all ten ton fucks kind of awesome prompt is that? Challenge accepted, motherfucker! I’ve been thinking about this... Read more »

Strive for balance and remember Donna

I don’t know when, but sometime in the past five years that I’ve been blogging, I know that several times I referred a poem about balance that my mom had on the refrigerator for years. I’m pretty sure she took it down and pictures of grandchildren were put up in its place. I meant to... Read more »

Love Like The Movies

Ugh and pfffth to romance in real life. It doesn’t interest me in the least. I say blergh to candlelight dinner, flowers, sweet talk, compliments or cuddles. I’m the type of gal who likes to see what I’m eating, and cleaning up dead flowers is a pain in the ass. Words are cheap, my love... Read more »

It's okay that my kid's friend's parents aren't my friends

My kids have some funny friends. I love having them here and I love when they take the time to have a little chit chat with me. We have so many weird little conversations on the fly! Such great kids. All of ’em. I know my kid’s friend’s parents. All of them! We are friendly,... Read more »

Why my house smells like a fart

I’m seriously considering breaking my 24 hour need vs. want rule for buying shit and getting this sign. I don’t need it. I want it. Sooner rather than later. I think my house needs a disclaimer hanging on the front door. Really, it’s only fair to our potential house guests that they know the risks... Read more »

Defending God and doing good things

The following is a re-post of a blog from September of 2011, soon after I became involved with St. Baldricks. I love hosting events and meeting people, and despite the pain it gives me to hear the stories of childhood cancer, it’s an honor to be able to DO something, even if it’s not much.... Read more »

Be your own motherf*cking cheerleader!

Cheerleader. When you read that word, what went through your mind? Did you imagine generous, intelligent, strong, athletic, talented, tenacious enlightened women or did you think of petty, pretty, hot, slutty brainless, bossy bitchy girls who run in tight, exclusive cliques, dismissive of non-cheerleaders and snotty to the ‘nth degree? Probably the latter. You can... Read more »

Just say no

In 1982, a little girl asked Nancy Regan what she should do if someone offered her drugs. Mrs. Regan told her to just say no. It seems like a simple thing, doesn’t it? If you don’t want to do drugs, you can just say no. But we all know it’s not simple at all. Why... Read more »