Let's be buddies, Motherf*ckers!

Unless you have a problem with comprehension, are not a regular reader, or a new reader of my blog, or are just un-observant to the n’th degree, you know that I have toyed with leaving ChicagoNow a couple of times. Why am I still here? Because ChicagoNow is where my buddies are!

Image via My Dumb Mind Creations DOT com

Image via My Dumb Mind Creations DOT com

(I realize that this image of buddies might offend some of you. Too fucking bad.) Image via My Dumb Mind Creations

I want to be here with my buddies. I also want to write my other Moms Who Drink And Swear blog.

So what’s the difference between the two blogs I write?

Well, up until now, not much aside from the content, but that’s changing in 2014. From here on out, Moms Who Drink And Swear: Chicago Edition will be more Chicago-y.

Alrighty then. Enough of that.

I want to tell you a story. This is the Cliff’s notes version. Ready?

In 2009, I started gaining weight for no good reason. Well, there was a good reason. After a bunch of tests and evaluation, it was determined that I had Hashimoto’s disease and Celiac disease.



Fast -forward a couple of years, I’ve made lifestyle changes, diet changes, blah, etc., pish-tosh. I’m not getting any younger, but I don’t think that’s an excuse for this continuing feeling of shitty. Too often, I still feel like fucking shit.

Fucking shit I say!

According to the “experts,” anytime a person decides to make lifestyle or diet changes, that person has better odds of succeeding if they have a buddy. The buddy system has long been the gold standard for ensuring success in certain situations.

I’ve never had a buddy to make changes with.

I’m lonely.

I want a buddy.

Or buddies. Do you want to be my buddy?

I’m adding a new category to my blog, which will be a regular focus of my writing, along with other Chicago-y shit. And the category is…

Buddies, Motherfucker!

At first I thought to call the category, Fucking Buddies, but since we won’t be fucking each other, that seemed odd….

As I told you in this blog post right HERE, I do not make resolutions. I set goals. I did set goals for this year, and one of those goals was to ask for help. So I am asking you to help me. You started yesterday when I posted this…

Look at all the comments. So fucking cool and helpful. A community of buddies. Hmmmmm, Buddies, Motherfuckers!

My last step in getting myself feeling not shitty is decreasing dairy, because every goddamn time I eat anything with milk in it, I feel like super fucking shit.

Fucking shit I say!

Yes, I take Lactaid, but still – fucking shitty! I am taking your suggestions from the conversation thread on Facebook. Thank you! One of my sisters in blogville, Natalie, from Bake and Destroy, has offered her help too, as I make an effort to figure out how to find what grub is best for me, because I’m done feeling like fucking shit.

If you have set a goal to be healthier and want to feel less fucking shitty, I am willing to be your buddy. And I will be finding buddies for all of us as we work toward this goal together.

Buddies, Motherfuckers!

You can buy Natalie’s motherfucking book by clicking HERE.

NOT a sponsored post. I just want us to buddy up, Motherfuckers!

Let’s roll!

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