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Marijuana vs. Alcohol Part II: Electric Boogaloo

This blog is the Electric Boogaloo to yesterday’s Breakin’. Yep. A sequel! Why a part II? Well, because there was a lot of fiiiiiiiya burning yesterday when I posted some follow up to my blog post, a post which included a number of links to articles about marijuana, links that made some people feel the... Read more »

Is marijuana less dangerous than alcohol?

Throughout this blog post there are links to relevant articles. By clicking on the red words, you will be directed to these sources. I strongly encourage you to read each article carefully, as they all contain interesting information. In order to make a decision about anything, it’s wise to do a little digging and find... Read more »

You deserve a f*cking break today (even if a nasty norovirus isn't trying to kill you)!

I read "The Book Thief. " If you haven't read it, you fucking need to right fucking now. I put life before books and put it off. My priorities were screwed up.  Never again.
Due to an overwhelming need to be less overwhelmed, I recently embraced a period of inertia. Of course this period was, in part, brought to me by a raging norovirus that shredded my digestive system. What is norovirus? Thanks Dr. Deena! I was like this for days.  Totally “shredding viral particles.” I laughed so hard... Read more »

Hey Grammar Nazis - Your Club Sucks (and get a new name)!

Some time ago, I told you I was going to write a blog post about people who call themselves Grammar Nazis. Let me start by giving a two thumbs way up and a pat on the back to all who can properly use the words their, there, and they’re, and too, to, and two, correctly.... Read more »

Saying that Jenny McCarthy is responsible for the anti-vaccine movement is a stupid as saying that vaccines cause autism

When you think of Jenny McCarthy as the chick who stripped down for Playboy, it’s easy to rip on her for her outspoken views and opinions about autism. Because what the hell does a chick that became famous for burping on MTV know about a complex neurobiological condition like autism? She probably knows a lot... Read more »

Yankee Candle WTF?

My daughter loves candles. We spend hours in candle stores like Yankee Candle sniffing them. What? We found this gem yesterday. …the fuck? Most, not all, unfortunately, but MOST of the people I interact with on Facebook are clever and funny, and I needed feedback, because what the ever loving shit, right? So I posted... Read more »

Let's be buddies, Motherf*ckers!

Unless you have a problem with comprehension, are not a regular reader, or a new reader of my blog, or are just un-observant to the n’th degree, you know that I have toyed with leaving ChicagoNow a couple of times. Why am I still here? Because ChicagoNow is where my buddies are! (I realize that... Read more »