Psychotropic drug talk up in here, mother*&kers!

Let’s talk donkeys! And by donkeys, I mean psychotropic drugs!

And the crowd goes wild! And by wild I’m mean bat-shit fucking insane, because this is a sensitive topic, highly personal, and can cause the butt-hurt, professional asshole, black and white thinkers who love a good fight as well as the reasonable, educated, flexible thinkers who would rather be impaled by a serrated knife than engage in an argument, to act like stubborn ass donkeys trying to kick each other’s brains in.

The phrase “psychotropic drugs” is a technical term for psychiatric medicines that alter chemical levels in the brain, which impact mood and behavior.

How do psychotropic medications work?

I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know the specific neuro-chemicalistic details, but how they work is less important than the fact that they do! And despite the persistent dumbfuckery of those who insist on screaming their heads off to anyone who will listen, that psychotropic medications are poison, dangerous, unnecessary, and merely placebos created for profit, they do work.

And they save lives. There are manymanymany stories out there about this very thing.

Sometimes they don’t. Work I mean. I acknowledge that sad fact as well. They are sometimes overused, abused, incorrectly prescribed, have shitty side effects, and like any other medical intervention, deadly.

Yeah, I know there are manymanymany stories out there about how the use of psychotropic drugs has resulted in the end of a life.

Or maybe you read stuff on the Internet, because EVERYTHING you read on the Internet is totally true.

Or maybe you read stuff on the Internet, because EVERYTHING you read on the Internet is totally true.

Life involves risk. The threat is always there, people. There are also manymanymany stories too numerous to count about random deaths of people doing Zumba or choking on an anti-oxidant rich cancer killing fucking blueberry.

Ima choke you, bitch! Image found on

Ima choke you, bitch! Image found on


You know why people love bumper stickers and hats and t-shirts with that saying? Because it’s fucking true! It’s the ultimate truth!


In a world where modern medicine has allowed us to survive and thrive amidst bacteria and viruses that once killed thousands and thousands on one fell swoop of an outbreak, we can pop a pill and get back to our regularly scheduled life programs. We have the technology to scan, x-ray, and to isolate the tiniest traces of yuck in our blood and organs, to repair them, remove tumors, replace valves and bones and parts! It isn’t easy, but more often than not, the docs are successful, and we trust this process because we can SEE it.

But when dealing with the ole human brain, medical technology still has a long way to go. The brain remains the wild west of the human body, lots of unchartered territory. The mind/body connection continues to puzzle and confound! A simple swab of the throat confirms the presence of streptococcus, a biopsy quickly verifies a suspicious tumor as malignancy, but can we pee in a cup and get a bipolar diagnosis? Can we x-ray the brain and see anorexia?


So far, there are no simple scientific tests or methods to diagnose mental illness. Diagnosing mental illness is a process. Much like how the doc’s can guess at a physical ailment based on symptoms, docs do the same thing when they suspect mental illness. Sometimes the confirmation takes a little longer though, as the symptoms manifest via behaviors, and people aren’t as predictable as bacteria, viruses, or broken fucking bones, and all of these things aren’t necessarily predictable either.

However, just because the diagnosis of mental illness can be a bit tricky because mental illness tends to be complex, (See my previous posts) doesn’t mean it’s impossible or that the tools and techniques are any less valid than seeing shit get all fuzzy in a petri dish or seeing your bone protrude through your skin.

Modern psychiatry is a medical science, it’s not “tell me about how your mother called you Sally because you pissed the bed,” stuff. It’s neuro-fucking-science, man! We are talking about chemicals and tissues and structures and shit, not killing your dad and marrying your mom.



What I’m saying is that unless you can provide me and everyone else you want to “educate” with a comprehensive scientific study of a specific psychotropic medication, conducted over a long period of time that includes control and experimental groups chock full of the randomest of random subjects that has been replicated, validated, and has nothing to do with some bullshit OPINION or story you heard on Dr. Fucking Oz, or Bunco, or your Aunt Bertha’s sister in law’s cousin Dick’s babysitter’s friend who knows a guy who grew horns from taking lithium, you have no business talking about psychotropic medication, aside from calling in your own goddamn prescription if you have chosen psychotropic medication as a way to help treat the symptoms of your mental illness.

We all make choices in life, and these choices are personal and unique to our own situations. Sharing information that is based on gut instinct, personal experience, or hearsay is dangerous. DANGEROUS. Don’t fucking do it. Consider your sources.

You know why doctor’s have to go to medical school for 50 years and work insanely long hours during their residency getting experience and education in dozens of specialties before getting their actual license, and then have to spend 50 more years learning and experiencing and treating thousands of people before they are considered specialists who then have to pay 50 thousand dollars a year for malpractice insurance?

Because humans are complex and unique beings, and sometimes doctors are wrong and they fuck up too. The very best doctors in the entire fucking universe fuck up! So if the doctors don’t always get it right, what the ever-loving FUCK makes you think you know shit they don’t?


So in conclusion, shut your pie-hole about psychotropic medication unless someone asks you your opinion, and if they do ask you your opinion, state it as such – an opinion. And then suggest that they find a doctor who can help them with their choice by providing them with fact-based research and professional experience and therapeutic support, because guess fucking what? Psychotropic meds are not a cure all. They work best when used in conjunction with some type of supportive therapy.

And if this very general, can’t cover everyfucking detail post makes you stabby and you want to pick a fight with me, point out all the holes in my argument, and provide me a with whole bunch of specific examples of how my argument here is way off base, don’t bother.

Sell crazy somewhere else, I’m all stocked up here.

Tomorrow I’ll be ranting about personality disorders. There aren’t just for breakfast anymore!


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