Five things you need to know and understand about how f*&ing complex mental illness can be

Yesterday I communicated the Three things you need to know and understand about f*&king mental illness . Mental illness is real, treatable, and complex. I promised to talk more about the complex part today.

I keep my promises.

I’m here to tell you five important things that you need to know and understand about how complex mental illness is, not the only five, but the five I’ve chosen. So to all of you who are all, OMG she forgot this and this and this and ….etc. shut it! I can only do so much in a fucking blog post, cut me some slack!

Here we go!

First and foremost – Mental illness is often so complex that the only person who can explain the complexity is the one suffering, but often times that person doesn’t even know they have a problem or want to admit they have a problem, let alone discuss the nuances of it.


Don’t mind if I do, Dwight!

Numero dos – IF a person is abusing drugs or alcohol, or both, any sort of underlying mental illness gets all tangled up in the substances. It’s a goddamn clusterfuck! Drugs and alcohol are fuel that often lights the fire of mental illness. Maybe something is lurking, a genetic disposition, kindling quietly, waiting to explode. The sure fire way to make that happen is to add alcohol and drugs. A proper diagnosis cannot be made while a person is using drugs or alcohol, and also can’t be made for some time after they have stopped.

And unfortunately, depending on the longevity and severity of the addiction, sometimes the two are impossible to untangle. Fried brains and all.


Lucky number three – Is addiction considered a form of mental illness? Damn skippy it is. But here’s the tricky part. Addiction is the holy fucking grail of complex! If addiction is lurking, trauma can bring it out. A mood disorder can bring it out. Addiction sometimes develops as a person is merely trying to do what is called “self-medicating.” People with mental illness often use substances to feel better. There is a high correlation between mental illness and addiction. But that is a whole ‘nother blog post or TEN, and I’m just covering the basics here today.


FOUR! – (Drum roll please) Mental illness is not caused by just one thing. It is NOT. The ignorance with regard to this makes me want to SCREAM! Nutrition can’t cure mental illness. Vaccines, or pollution does not cause mental illness, and it’s certainly not caused by one single event. No. Just fucking NO. The right conditions need to exist for mental illness to rear its ugly head. I told you this shit is fucking complex.

Do nutrition, the environment, chemicals, and trauma; negatively affect those with mental illness?


Significantly, but it’s sheer idiocy to suggest that one goddamn thing is responsible and even more infuriating and fucking dangerous to suggest that it can be “cured” with diet, or to suggest that a vaccine is the sole cause of autism.

Can good nutrition and limited exposure to toxins help people feel better, maybe even keep the kindling of a mental illness to a slow burn? It sure can’t fucking hurt. But there is no cure all or cause all. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you swamp land in Florida, and if you buy it, you deserve to get disemboweled by a gaggle of gators.


And yes, I know that Autism isn’t as much a “mental illness,” as a neuro-biological issue, but the DSM defines it as such, so quit nit-picking, m’kay? Play nice.

And last, but oh hell not least, number five is no jive – Mental illness is, has been, and always will be around. We are perfectly imperfect and totally unique human beings, and although we have many similarities, our differences are what make this mental illness thing a fucking nightmare to navigate. One size does not fit all. It takes every ounce of self control I have to keep myself from going ape-shit on a blowhard who will use their personal experience or the experience of a friend of a family member to generalize that of another.



Tune in tomorrow. I’ll be ranting like a fucking lunatic about psychotropic medication. Jesus Christ it’s gonna get wild up in here!

Just do it. Don’t miss a post. Especially tomorrow. I’m gonna blow your hair back, mother fucker!

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