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A conversation with Baby Sideburns and Moms Who Drink And Swear

Here on ChicagoNow, we have some talented motherfuckers, like me. Smug much? Hells yes. Blogging is the one thing I do well. But I digress. I try to read as many ChicagoNow blogs as I can. I want to support my community, sure, but really my reason for reading so many blogs is selfish. The... Read more »

South of I-80 doesn't take sh*t from nobody

Erin, who writes the blog South of I-80 IS nice. She’s adorable and kind, so much so that when I asked her to write a guest blog, she was all over it. But being nice doesn’t mean people can fuck with her. She’s tuff. How does a person find balance? How does a person manage... Read more »

Baby Boomers, bullsh*t, buffoons, and you: A blog about the reality of aging in America today

Consider for a moment, a staggering reality; for the next 17 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach 65 every single day. Of course this is only an estimate, because although lifespans are considerably longer than they were 100 years ago, and we are also cramming in 100 times more environmental toxins, processed foods and hours... Read more »

Ups and downs of a yoga mom gets her swear on!

I have asked my colleagues in the blogging community to write guest posts for my Moms Who Drink And Swear: Chicago Edition blog while I’m getting my new site de-glitched, and getting my momma’s entire goddamn LIFE packed up to move into an assisted living community for senior old farty pants peeps (yeah, I’m talking... Read more »

Personality Disorders 101

Personality disorders are hard to understand, but easy to recognize. Why are they easy to recognize? Because people with full-blown, diagnosable personality disorders will make YOU feel like you are losing your goddamn mind, all the time, because their behavior is influenced by inner turmoil that you can’t possibly realize or understand, because you can’t... Read more »

Psychotropic drug talk up in here, mother*&kers!

Let’s talk donkeys! And by donkeys, I mean psychotropic drugs! And the crowd goes wild! And by wild I’m mean bat-shit fucking insane, because this is a sensitive topic, highly personal, and can cause the butt-hurt, professional asshole, black and white thinkers who love a good fight as well as the reasonable, educated, flexible thinkers... Read more »

Five things you need to know and understand about how f*&ing complex mental illness can be

Yesterday I communicated the Three things you need to know and understand about f*&king mental illness . Mental illness is real, treatable, and complex. I promised to talk more about the complex part today. I keep my promises. I’m here to tell you five important things that you need to know and understand about how... Read more »

Bullying Sucks: How NOT to be a mean a*&hole

Goddamn I fucking love guest blogs, especially when they are written by people who are as passionate about a subject as the guest blogger I am lucky to introduce today. Sure, some bullies are also victims of bullying and learn that shit from bully parents or siblings, but reasons aren’t excuses. Bullying is a huge... Read more »

Three things you need to know and understand about Mental Illness

Whoo Hoo! It’s mental health awareness week and I’m going to tell you three things you need to fucking KNOW about mental illness and make sure you lucky bastards who are reading this know what the hell mental illness is. Short and to the point; Let me blow your fucking mind. I hope you will... Read more »

Coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with help from Dr. Seuss

Today marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, Motherfuckers! And so all week I will be writing about mental health, hopefully helping you understand and learn about some important shit about mental fucking health. I’ve decided to start this awareness thing by sharing MY personal story, a story I shared in a show called... Read more »