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Don't feel guilty about letting your children watch television

When I used to watch the children’s television show Barney (purple singing dinosaur) with my son, I silently predicted which of the singing, dancing, overacting, attention whore kids was most likely to have a future career in porn. When I watched The Wiggles with him, I often fantasized about making sweet wiggles with Anthony, the... Read more »

Can't or won't stop? Is Miley Cyrus mentally ill?

Yesterday, while the world was a flutter reacting to Miley Cyrus’s shocking VMA performance, my “Uh-oh” alarm was Uh-oh-ing, ALL DAY LONG! Instead of being angry or shocked, I was concerned that, like she sings in her latest song, she WON’T STOP, because she CAN’T STOP. Is Miley Cyrus mentally ill? If, and that’s a... Read more »

Blogging: Is monetizing your blog worth the price of your dignity?

There have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to take a nice, long break from blogging, but I’ve never seriously considered quitting altogether. For about a month now, I’ve been unable to shake the idea that I should put MWDAS to rest. My reason for this had nothing to do with burnout or depression. As... Read more »

Teenagers and Drugs: The first one's free

Like moths to a flame, teenagers are easily drawn in to the next cool thing. Whatever is trending, you can bet your kid knows a bit about it, probably more than you want him/her to. Almost every single day I learn something new from my teenager. I thought it was supposed to be the other... Read more »

Blurred Lines: Setting and maintaining boundaries

I love a good metaphor more than I love guacamole, and that’s saying something, because I love guacamole more than almost any damn thing! My most recent metaphor-riffic obsession is the concept of BLURRED LINES! A very intense conversation with a friend about parenting, and yes, also the hit song, Blurred Lines, by Robin Thicke... Read more »

Advice for married couples: Learn to apologize

I am a gifted apologizer. My ‘sorry bout that’ skills are refined and I’m quick to forgive others as well. Why? Well, because I have mad mistake making skills and I live with people who are equally imperfect – my husband in particular. And that’s why knowing how to own my shit and suck it... Read more »

This is why you shouldn't drink cheap wine

I have found my calling. If you need a photo bomber for parties, email me at nikkiphotobombDOTcom. But not today, okay? Because my head is KILLING me. And this really is why you should not drink cheap wine when you are out. Unless it’s free. If it’s free, drink it. I did. Wait, don’t. Well,... Read more »

If the Internet offends you, then why the hell don't you stay the f*&k off the Internet?

I feel a bit guilty that I truly enjoy watching people go ape-shittical and over-react to perceived injustices. I feel a bit guilty that I sometimes post something on my Facebook page that I know will draw out the lunatics. Fuck it. I’m lying! I have NO guilt! It fascinates me. Internet outrage is amusing.... Read more »

World's Greatest Mom

My daughter was hungry. Wait, no, she wasn’t just hungry – she was HANGRY! Hungry + Angry = Hangry. Know what I’m saying? An already irritable kid, stressed out from cooperating and behaving and waiting just a little longer to get home for lunch or dinner is a ticking time bomb. Tick, tick, tick….KABOOM! “I’M... Read more »

Stop copying me: A kid phase/phrase that is a normal pain in the ass

My daughter and son have both gone through the “stop copying me” phase of life. Meh, who am I kidding – they are still a bit in it, as are their friends, AND IT BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME! And I’m not talking about mimicking each other just to provoke and annoy. Nope. I’m... Read more »