Some sh*tty spellers who still found a way to shine

Being a bad speller does not, I repeat NOT, mean that a person lacks intelligence . As a matter of fact, it might interest you to know that some people who were quite famous for their wit and wisdom were shitty spellers. Spelling is a special skill, but if you suck at it, you don’t need to be sad.

It’s true!

As a shitty speller myself, I simply stopped worrying about spelling (and grammar) and sweet relief washed over me at once.  I began to enjoy writing, feeling free to express myself without filtering for fuck ups. Fuck ups can always be fixed. However, I am fascinated by people who have a knack for good spelling and grammar. Mad props go out to the superstars who succeed in the spelling circle who aren’t judgy dicks to those of us who aren’t.

Congrats to Arvind Mahankali, not the easiest name to spell, for winning the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee. The kid’s got skillz, or skills, for those of you prefer the traditional spelling! How ’bout them whacky words, huh? I had never heard most of them, particularly some of the “notable” words, singled out from the event! Silly me, I decided to take a crack at using some of them creatively (and spelling them correctly).  IT WAS REALLY FUN AND HERE IS WHAT I CAME UP WITH –

The cabotinage demonstrated by my smellfungus in response to the meal I prepared for dinner this evening tickles my olecranon. 

See? I gots some smarts sometimes despite my stunted in second grade spelling skills. SPELL CHECK – HOLLA!

It IS important to learn how to spell correctly, if not perfectly. That’s what dictionaries are for. And spell check. But don’t be disheartened if you are stumped by spelling! You are not alone.

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